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Game-Changing Mobile App Trending Categories In 2017

The mobile has brought many game-changing opportunities for all enterprises. In fact, apps are a prime source for many people starting from purchasing movie tickets, making payments, online shopping, and scheduling routine tasks. From entertainment to education, travel to health care, and business to baking, there are several categories, which have come into existence. In this post, you will learn some top trending categories for apps.

Trending app categories

Online shopping

You will find that2g3wefv6ywedf7u8i2t online shopping apps are quite stimulating. In fact, mobile shopping is now a huge trend. This is because it helps you to shop your desired items through downloading them. With the advanced search options such as categories, prize, age group, festive offers, and special discounts, you can make your online shopping faster and hassle-free.

On-demand services

From shipping your package during the holidays to booking a car ride, there are many apps that can help you carry out such tasks a lot easier. You can consider them as a subset of the traditional delivery and sharing services. In fact, popular on-demand services are now emerging to be reliable and highly accessible sources of transporting people.

GPS Navigation

There is a huge demand for highly informative, accessible navigation maps that provide real-time traffic updates, bicycle routes, offline view maps, and turn-by-turn directions. Also, there are different apps, which can help you plan a convenient road trip and even find the quickest route to get to your destination. This will help you avoid on-route traffic jams.


It is true mobile apps come with a broad range of benefits. This explains why several businesses are now developing powerful mobile applications so that they can simplify intricate work processes. Cloud-based, hybrid, enterprise, security oriented, and other advanced features are meant to take your business to another level.

Social media networking

The majority of smartphone users now access their social media accounts through apps instead of desktop versions. These apps can help you stay connected at all times.


Messaging mtg3erfv6yhwed7uj28wi2akes to one of trending app categories in 2017. This is because of increased popularity due to free availability plus other powerful features such as voice call, video, and chatting. They help users to communicate and connect easily, quickly, and efficiently. Moreover, the majority of messaging apps facilitate regular updates plus high-end features that enhance usability experience.


Gaming is considered not only to be a popular but also a profitable niche. If you are interested in making money, you should venture into this category. You can generate massive revenues through using methods such as advertisements.

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