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The Impact Of Technology On The Music Industry

No one can tell how old music, as an artistic expression, is. While some scholars argue that man created rhythm and other aspects of music, others note that it is Mother Nature’s creation and gift to humanity. The evolution of musical instruments is as impressive as their diversity, tone, texture, and purpose. More interesting, however, is the influence of technology on the music industry, especially in the 21st century.


Demise & Re-Birth

In most cases, you can tell how old a person is by paying attention to the music he or she cares about. Although there are exceptions to this rule, the older generation sees the emerging music trends as death to the industry. For instance, computer generated instrumentals are killing the creativity that comes with putting together a beat using raw talent. Moreover, bands have shrunk as a result of this as one person can handle the drums, the piano, the violin, and the guitar tunes with the help of a simple software program.

The level of clarity and creativity that is attained with the aid of these tech-beat creators is however superior, giving way to the notion that technology is reinventing music, not killing it. The same cannot be said about the distribution aspect. The music industry is no longer raking in record sales that it experienced in a couple of decades ago. In fact, free online downloads, music video streaming and other forms of tech-supported music distribution channels make it difficult for the record companies to transform sales into profits.

Drumming Up New Paths & Widening Access


Technology has attracted numerous challenges in the music industry. This does not, however, mean that the industry is coming to its knees any time soon. Record sales are low, but concert ticket sales for muse the 2nd law tour and other tours are up like never before because of the ease of sharing music and vouching for particular artists. A concert is, therefore, likely to be well attended if a particular music track has attracted a huge number of online views and comments. Additionally, artists and music promoters are subsequently turning the publicity awarded by the free downloads into profits through merchandise sales and product endorsements at the concerts.

Technology Has Brought Music Closer To The People

With today’s technology, innovative-manufacture practices have lowered the cost of stereos. For this reason, you can consequently afford a car music system or a memory stick that connects via Bluetooth the same way it connects to your phone or computer. In addition, home theaters are today obtainable at affordable prices, granting the world access to a superior music experience.


The internet factor further improves the accessibility given that nearly all communication devices are designed to have quality music attributes as value adding features – none of which would be possible without tech advancements.

Massive data storage servers are today’s custodians of generations of music genres. It is possible to play music from any era provided that someone took his or her time to upload it on the internet. Besides these, people are also loading up their unique compositions and transforming into overnight superstars without the help of influential record labels and producers – a matter that is also changing the music platform in ways that we may have never deemed possible.

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The advantages of digital art and why it has become a hit

Art has been around even in the ancient times, and we can track the progress of this field of study from the primitive way up to the most modern technique. The works of famous personalities such as Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and even the contemporary american artists can be seen in different museums. If you have seen them, then you can tell that, indeed, art has evolved. It has branched out to different types including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and much more.

Now, that we are already living in a digital world, there are a lot of innovations that have made art more appealing, no wonder why the number of people who go to art exhibits never fades away. Some of them even invest in artworks that cost millions of dollars – enough proof that art is amazing.

Digital art

Using the different tools that technology have to offer, artists found different ways in which they can improve their works and make people appreciate them even more. With this, digital art has become very popular. It inspired a lot of people to pursue their dreams of becoming great artists.


Why did it become a big hit?

You may be wondering why digital art is very popular nowadays. Well, using this technique is so much easier than the traditional way of creating artwork. Gone are the days when artists have to settle for inks and canvas alone. With digital art, there is so much that an artist can do.

Let us have a look at the advantages of digital art and why it has become a hit.

Endless possibilities

Like what we have said earlier, just about anything is possible with digital art. You can make your drawing or painting look more real because of the availability of various digital tools. Also, you can save your work as you reach a certain stage. If you want to go back to it later on and alter it to create a new output, you can always do so. This means that you can come up with multiple artworks using the same ‘sketch’.


Stays the same

When it comes to the appearance, digital art can last a thousand years, and the way it looks will never change. Unlike the paintings and drawings that were made using traditional techniques, they are most likely to fade after a few decades. They will look old because of the different elements in the environment.

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Benefits Of Using Warehouse Management Software

Running a distribution or manufacturing-based business is quite tough in this era. This is attributed to price sensitivity from customers and rising overheads. Thus, there is a need for a business to look at different options for it to become efficient. A warehouse management software is a useful tool to help you run a business with greater efficiency and opportunity to increase profits. The tool can help provide a broad range of benefits that include the following:

Reasons to use warehouse management software

Real-time stock control

You should nt2g3erdf6vy3werf7u38ei22ote that manual stock control is one of the main reasons for the financial loss in a company. This is because the process is a haphazard affair and inefficient. However, with an automated system in place, you can maintain stock levels efficiently. You will find it easier to make a sound purchasing or production decision. You can share the information with many departments to ensure your warehouse is efficient as far as replenishing the stock is concerned.

Improved customer service

When you have a fully stocked warehouse at all times, you cut potential delays minimal. The software will ensure you have the required quantity of products available for your customer needs. Also, it will improve efficiency as far as lowering risk of errors in picking the stock. By reducing delays and improving product quality, you have potential to increase the number of repeat customers.

Greater productivity

Warehouse management software is a complex tool that can be used to help your current staff become more productive than before. This is because the process of ordering becomes efficient since it is up to date with your inventory. Thus, you do not need to carry out time-consuming checks. By streamlining the ordering process, it is possible to offer quick turnaround deliveries. Moreover, increased productivity frees workers to perform important responsibilities.

Reduces operational costs

You will find it tg3erdf6vg3w7fcvyu8i92o22o be a productive tool with tested algorithms, which improve its all-round efficiency when it comes to warehouse management. It can help reduce the number of workers in your warehouse. Moreover, it will help speed up your ability to fulfill customer orders. Also, you can reduce errors at the picking and packaging stage.

In any case, an innovative warehouse management software can integrate seamlessly into your business. It will help improve customer service, drive efficiency, and reduce delays. Ensure you purchase software that has been proven to work for businesses that are similar to yours.

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Game-Changing Mobile App Trending Categories In 2017

The mobile has brought many game-changing opportunities for all enterprises. In fact, apps are a prime source for many people starting from purchasing movie tickets, making payments, online shopping, and scheduling routine tasks. From entertainment to education, travel to health care, and business to baking, there are several categories, which have come into existence. In this post, you will learn some top trending categories for apps.

Trending app categories

Online shopping

You will find that2g3wefv6ywedf7u8i2t online shopping apps are quite stimulating. In fact, mobile shopping is now a huge trend. This is because it helps you to shop your desired items through downloading them. With the advanced search options such as categories, prize, age group, festive offers, and special discounts, you can make your online shopping faster and hassle-free.

On-demand services

From shipping your package during the holidays to booking a car ride, there are many apps that can help you carry out such tasks a lot easier. You can consider them as a subset of the traditional delivery and sharing services. In fact, popular on-demand services are now emerging to be reliable and highly accessible sources of transporting people.

GPS Navigation

There is a huge demand for highly informative, accessible navigation maps that provide real-time traffic updates, bicycle routes, offline view maps, and turn-by-turn directions. Also, there are different apps, which can help you plan a convenient road trip and even find the quickest route to get to your destination. This will help you avoid on-route traffic jams.


It is true mobile apps come with a broad range of benefits. This explains why several businesses are now developing powerful mobile applications so that they can simplify intricate work processes. Cloud-based, hybrid, enterprise, security oriented, and other advanced features are meant to take your business to another level.

Social media networking

The majority of smartphone users now access their social media accounts through apps instead of desktop versions. These apps can help you stay connected at all times.


Messaging mtg3erfv6yhwed7uj28wi2akes to one of trending app categories in 2017. This is because of increased popularity due to free availability plus other powerful features such as voice call, video, and chatting. They help users to communicate and connect easily, quickly, and efficiently. Moreover, the majority of messaging apps facilitate regular updates plus high-end features that enhance usability experience.


Gaming is considered not only to be a popular but also a profitable niche. If you are interested in making money, you should venture into this category. You can generate massive revenues through using methods such as advertisements.

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